Discover the DHARMA

Join me for courses and talks on topics ranging from the basics of Buddhism to adept styles of insight meditation.

A Practical Approach to Learning About Buddhism and Meditation

If you’ve been looking for pragmatic courses and talks that allow you to learn and explore the Dharma on your terms, you’re in the right place. I seek to share the knowledge and tools you need to explore your own path without the pressure of subscribing to a specific school or spiritual path.

My hope is that you find a genuine practice and understanding that enriches your life.

Basics of Buddhism

In this 30-day course, you will be introduced to the fundamental teachings of Buddhism, including the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eightfold Path, Co-dependent Origination, the Five Precepts, and Awakening.

The Schools Buddhism

Buddhism is a vast undertaking with hundreds of divergent schools, sects, and traditions. If you are just stepping into all of this, where do you begin? In this course, we will be covering the three main branches of Buddhism.