You know what I don’t like?

Disingenuous teachers of mindfulness and meditation.

People who teach and talk about mindfulness but really have absolutely no clue what they are talking about.

They learned it as a health benefit or think that they are “so spiritual” for being able to….do what exactly?

Most of the modern mindfulness fad teachers I have run across don’t teach anything at all.

No really.

They aren’t teaching you to do anything. They are teaching you just to sit there and not do anything.

That isn’t mindfulness, and it definitely isn’t meditation either.

At this point, you may be asking: then what the heck is mindfulness?

This may surprise you. It isn’t just trying to “clear the head”. It isn’t just dwelling in emptiness. And it definitely is not “nothing”.

Mindfulness is consciously attending to the arising and passing of all things in this very moment.

Non-judgmentally and neutrally.

Mindfulness is the training of the mind toward a greater state of awareness and focus so that you can go deeper and deeper and deeper into different states of meditation.

Off the cushion, it helps you notice everything that isn’t you.

Here’s what I mean by that…

All those negative emotions (and positive ones, yes), discomforts, distractions, annoyances, and everything else holding you back… those things are NOT you.

Mindfulness helps your consciousness recognize those things as creations of the mind and not as stemming from your true being.

When you can do this, you can more easily find joy in every moment.

What’s the biggest hurdle that you think you face in working with mindfulness?

I’d love to hear. Leave me a comment below.