Meet Silas Day

Silas Day is an up and coming voice in the emerging discussion between the 2,500 year old tradition of Buddhism and modern day life.

Silas has been passionately obsessed with discovering the true nature of our consciousness and how to explore it since he was thirteen. He left college after two years in divinity studies to have more time to put toward meditation, the study of philosophical idea systems, and methods of liberation.

Silas studied and practiced within the the general Mahayana and, more specifically, the Zen/Chan traditions of Buddhism for five years before expanding his studies to include all major schools of Buddhism, Eastern philosophy, and Western mysticism. Silas takes a non-sectarian approach to the exploration of consciousness and hopes to establish a unified field theory of meditation among the vast amount of schools just as chemists came together to create the periodic table.

He has produced many guided meditations and several full length courses to better help anyone curious enough to explore their own nature, emotions, and consciousness.